Find out now if your purchase is genuine

Brands and Manufacturers – we offer a secure way for your customers to verify the authenticity of their purchases.  We can offer customized reporting solutions and 3rd party online integrations that can drastically reduce counterfeit product.

Secure Supply Chains

2Vida Retail Ltd can work with you to understand your complex and global supply chains.  Working together we can identify potential weak spots in the supply chain.

3rd Party Infringements

Having a successful brand unfortunately means that criminal gangs will find numerous ways of trying to duplicate your product regardless of quality and effects on the consumer.  Our technology can be used by your business, by law enforcement and by customs agencies to verify products in a fraction of a second.

Enhanced Packaging Solutions

When we discuss your requirements we will work with you to identify what information is most useful to your business, to law enforcement and to consumers to create a solution using advanced technology to combat counterfeits – globally.

Build long lasting relationships to protect your brand with integrity.

We’re nimble and keen to understand your complex situation.  We are here to support your business by listening first and proposing the tools and infrastructure to reduce vast sums of lost revenue caused by counterfeiters.  (the wine on the left is from China).

Even reputable retailers can fall foul of counterfeits.

By providing secure authentication at multiple stages of the supply chain your distributor and retail partners would become aware of potentially fraudulent stock at an early stage.

Working together we can reduce criminality.

Huge sums of money are generated through the trade in illegal goods.  Criminal gangs and terrorist organizations would be much less able to function as they do today if we can defeat the sale of counterfeit goods.

Let’s plan the next step.

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USA and UK offices.

It’s a team effort

We’ll work with the teams across your business and also with law enforcement and local customs
We design and customize hardware solutions for the physical world.  Our partners can dramatically reduce the loss of sales and profit from the online world.  This can all be managed centrally with one point of principal contact.

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